Beta 2.3.4 Released

February 27, 2014 by Ennui0 forum comments »

Hi folks! Lambda Wars is back with another small update. Beta 2.3.4 is intended mainly to fix a couple of major bugs and add some small balancing changes, so there's not much to see here this time around - but it does resolve the major animation issues in 2.3.3.

We're already hard at work on 2.3.5, which will be a more substantial release with some exciting new features, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can download Beta 2.3.4 from one of our mirrors below and read on for the full changelog. Note that you can download a patch that updates Beta 2.3.3 to 2.3.4, a 7zip archive for the full 2.3.4 files, or an EXE installer for 2.3.4.

Enjoy, and as always please feel free to stop by our community forums to let us know what you think (as well as report bugs and suggest features)!

Lambda Wars 2.3.4 changes
Improvements and Balance:
* Increased Synth toughness against Slash and Bite (minor antlion/zombie/headcrab attacks), now Hunters make more sense in Overrun
* Added Metal attribute (tougher than Synth) for Dog and future superheavy full-metal units
* Added Crush attribute for Antlion Guard attacks, like Slash but dealing full damage to Synth and Metal
* Damage adjustments of Hunter charge and Strider impale attacks to improve gameplay
* Reduced Strider health from 2500 to 2000
* Increased range Combine Headcrab Canister Launcher from 4000 to 6000
* Combine Headcrab Canister Launcher must now be powered when launcher canisters

* UPDATED: hlw_village

* Randomized attack building target of enemies to prevent enemies from attacking the same player all the time on some maps

* Building construction animations not playing correctly
* Auto-construction animation of Combine Power Generator looking laggy/choppy
* Various animations not played when first playing a local game and then joining a multiplayer game
* Late precache of buildings and units occurring after starting a game from the lobby
* Air units (e.g. Manhack, Strider) not moving to their exact waypoints on a route to a goal, causing navigation issues
* Combine Metro Police does not play correct animation when falling (T-pose)

* Updated the tool bar style

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Beta 2.3.3 Released

February 10, 2014 by Ennui0 forum comments »

Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.3 has been released. This is a minor patch release primarily to address some bugs we noticed in last week's release of 2.3.2, along with a few minor balancing changes.

Unlike most releases, we have released a patch version for those of you who already installed Beta 2.3.2 last week. The patch is small (~34mb) compared to the full installer (~1.05gb) so if you already have 2.3.2 installed we recommend downloading the patch.

Download Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.3
ModDB Mirrors:

Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.3 PATCH (from 2.3.2) - 7zip
Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.3 FULL - EXE
Lambda Wars beta 2.3.3 FULL - 7zip
Alternate Mirrors:
Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.3 PATCH (from 2.3.2) - 7zip
Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.3 FULL - EXE
Lambda Wars beta 2.3.3 FULL - 7zip

Lambda Wars 2.3.3 changes
Improvements and Balance:
* Reduced cover damage reduction from 60% to 50%
* Changed population cost of Combine and Rebel Soldier (SMG/Ar2/shotgun) to 2 (excluding the Engineer)
* Changed population cost of Vortigaunt from 1 to 3
* Changed population cost of Hunter from 2 to 3

* Air unit selection circles are now projected on the ground
* Added range indicators to Headcrab Canister Launcher, Barrel Trap, Regeneration Post and Rebel Scan ability

* UPDATED: hlw_abandoned (added new neutral wood fence barricade)
* UPDATED: hlw_village

* Unable to type text in Gamelobby chat
* Control Points sometimes incorrectly updated after an enemy captures it
* Units not finding the correct path to a Rock Barricade. They would would go around the obstacle depending on which side the units are (hlw_abandoned)
* Unit navigator cached paths were not cleared in some cases, causing incorrect navigation
* Just spawned units at a building moving in a random direction when no rally point is set yet
* Sometimes units keeps playing the fall animation
* Ability cancel notification messages not being shown
* Info box/tooltip of abilities incorrectly made visible after leaving unit direct control

* Updated Chromium Embedded Framework to branch 1750 (Chromium 33)
* Updated JQWidgets to version 3.2.0

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Beta 2.3.2 Released

February 6, 2014 by Ennui0 forum comments »

Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.2 is now available for download! This patch is primarily a balancing and bugfixing release based on the past couple months of playtests, and gameplay has been drastically improved over the previous Beta 2.3.1 release. See the full changelog below. This patch also introduces a few new units and structures - the Rebel Barrel Trap (which you can see below), the Combine Headcrab Canister Launcher (for launching headcrab mortars like those seen in Ravenholm), the Combine Claw Scanner (a flying Synth that drops Hopper Mines). There is also a new Combine Synth Factory model and associated building and destruction animations.

Image Image

We are now offering both an EXE installer (top link) and a 7zip archive (bottom link) for your convenience.

EXE Installer for Beta 2.3.2:
7zip Archive for Beta 2.3.2:

Alternate Mirrors: Beta 2.3.2 (EXE) | Beta 2.3.2 (7zip)

Let us know what you think of the changes! As many of you have probably noticed, we were also Greenlit in the January batch of Greenlight titles, which means that Lambda Wars is coming to Steam in a few months! We have quite a bit of work to do integrating the game with the Steamworks API, so we'll go into more detail about the time frame for our Steam launch in later news posts. We also have removed the mod from Desura due to the high volume of issues people were having attempting to install via Desura.

Lambda Wars 2.3.2 changes
Improvements and Balance:
* Rescaled all costs of units to 10 times higher, while control points and power generators now generate income 10 times faster
* Scrap can now be collected to Rebel Billets, but lowered the amount of collected scrap per run
* Scaled down shared income from allied control points in team games
* Added Combine Headcrab Cannister launcher
* Added Rebel Barrel Trap
* Added new unit Claw Scanner to Combine (buildable at Synth factory) with the ability to deploy and produce Combine Mines
* Removed Combine Mine from metro police (moved to Claw Scanner)
* Added Antlion to Rebels Vortigaunt Den
* Added "Flash" ability to Combine Observer/Scanner, which reduces vision from enemies for a duration of time
* Added "Smoke Grenade" ability to Rebel Saboteur, which blocks the Fog of War around the area of effect
* Scaled down Strider to 75% of it's original size
* Hunter's charge ability no longer stops on hitting an enemy and also stuns any enemy along the path
* Hunter now uses a melee attack when close to the enemy
* Increased recharge time grenade ability from 5 to 15 seconds
* Decreased throw range of grenade ability from 1000 to 800
* Building construction progress is now visualized through a progress bar above the building
* Increased Combine Synth factory health to 800
* Combine Elite alt fire (energy ball) now does 250 damage against Strider on hit, similar to buildings
* Headcrabs can now turn human like units into zombies when their health is low enough
* Increased Combine Mine detonate radius from 150 to 175
* Added cost of 75 power to strider cannon shot
* Reduced unlock times of AR2/SG to 20 seconds and grenade to 40 seconds
* Reduced floor turrets costs and lowered health and construction time
* Floor turrets deployment now requires a metro police to construct the turret
* Random crates are now turned off by default

* New Combine Synth factory model (including work and destruction animations)
* New Rebels Billet model (including construct and destruction animations)

HUD and UI:
* Abilities tool-tip now shows the full name of resource costs, instead of just the first character
* New minimap icons for Control Points, Scrap points and crates, to better separate them from other units

* UPDATED: hlw_slumdoll
* UPDATED: hlw_mine (added two new control points)
* UPDATED: hlw_abandoned (added neutral rock barricades)
* UPDATED: hlw_camp
* UPDATED: hlw_village
* UPDATED: or_trapped
* UPDATED: or_city

CPU Player:
* Easy CPU is now less aggressive when capturing control points
* Single player difficulty is now applied to the CPU player

* Added "Antlion Guard Boss" to Antlions wave mode (larger and stronger version of Antlion Guard)

Unit AI and Navigation:
* All map navigation meshes are more simplified now, fixing various navigation issues

* Combine Observer move order
* Decreased stalker laser sound volume
* New Rebel Billet destruction sound

* Spawning a Combine Energy Cell building directly in Sandbox mode does not show the electricity particle effect
* Combine Observers revealing friendly cloaked units
* Recharge/resources not taken when throwing a grenade cancelling the order during the throw animation
* Units sometimes ignore enemies because they move back to their idle position
* Manhacks get stuck on walls and cliffs, while they should move upwards
* Manhacks keep moving backwards sometimes after slicing an enemy
* Grenade ability: No resources taken and recharge not set when moving the unit during animation before the grenade is thrown
* Grenade ability: Being able to move the unit during the throw animation by giving a new order
* Combine Elite Energy Ball ability taking resources twice
* Rally lines incorrectly drawn when targeting buildings/units
* Death sound incorrectly played while dissolving
* Old player positions not cleared in game lobby when selecting a different map
* Unable to select another CPU difficulty when there is already a CPU is a gamelobby slot
* Movement keys might be in a "stuck" state after leaving direct unit control, causing the player to move into a direction forever
* Key bindings configurations not always correctly saved after switching rts and fps configs
* Powered combine buildings always playing powered up/down sounds when a new power generator is spawned
* Added missing player control group key bindings for 7, 8, 9 and 0

* Updated unit descriptions
* Started on initial translations for German and Russian (WIP)
* Added entity "fow_blocker" for manipulating the fog of war
* Added entity "wars_ability_manager" for manipulating the available abilities in single player
* Added entity "wars_music_controller" for controlling music in single player
* Added entity "wars_population_listener", which fires output events for population changes (single player)
* Updated JQWidgets to version 3.1.0
* Renamed browser helper process from cef.exe to lambdawars_browser.exe
* Game now detects if the Browser helper process fails to start (for example due being sand-boxed by security software)

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Beta 2.3.1 Released

December 19, 2013 by Ennui0 forum comments »

Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.1 is now available for download! The latest update to the Lambda Wars public beta features two new maps, hlw_aurora and hlw_slumdoll which are both large 8 player 4v4 multiplayer maps, as well as CPU opponent difficulty levels, game balance changes and several important bug fixes that should resolve the problems some of you have had running the mod.

Image Image

alternate mirror: Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.1

Don't forget to for vote us in Mod of the Year 2013 (there is only one day left!) and of course on Steam Greenlight

Image Image

Lambda Wars 2.3.1 changes
Improvements and Balance:
* Added easy difficulty option to CPU Players
* Channel bars are no longer visible to enemies
* Strider Dark Energy Cannon ability must now be unlocked at the Combine Armory
* Rebel Saboteur C4 Explosive ability must now be unlocked at the Rebel Munition Depot
* Reduced build time Combine Observer from 35 to 20 seconds
* Better visualization of rally lines
* Changing unit selection while targeting an ability now cancels the ability (if applicable)
* Rebel Engineer can no longer place combine mines (except in Overrun)

* ADDED: hlw_aurora
* ADDED: hlw_slumdoll
* UPDATED: hlw_mine
* UPDATED: hlw_abandoned (navigation mesh changes)
* UPDATED: hlw_camp (minor details)
* UPDATED: sp_radio_tower

* High CPU load on map start due the deferred lighting changes
* Deferred lighting mode is now disabled on low system settings
* Health bars (and other progress bars) are now drawn after post screen space effects, preventing unit glow from being drawn above the health bars
* Added missing weapon switch abilities to Overrun versions of Combine Elite and Rebel Veteran
* Swarm Keeper gamemode showing up in gamelobby after playing the bonus map
* Being able to place buildings/objects at unreachable locations by the builder

Unit Navigation:
* Improved resolving blocked situations

* Mountable turrets now use a different fire sound than regular turrets
* Move and hold position sounds for Combine Scanner/Observer

* Added missing Steam icon
* Removed _sqlite3 Python module because it causes a false positive on Norton virus scanner (and is only needed in the developer build)
* Removed cheat flag from cl_strategic_cam_delta_snap and added archive flag (player camera related setting)

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Steam Greenlight and Mod of the Year

December 18, 2013 by Ennui0 forum comments »

You probably have noticed that Half-Life 2: Wars is now called Lambda Wars and we launched on Steam Greenlight about two weeks ago. We also have a brand new website and community forum skin to go with the rebranding! But we have two big things to talk to you about this week: Steam Greenlight and MOTY 2013.

These are the final 48 hours of the voting period for ModDB’s Mod of the Year 2013 Player's Choice Vote, and we're a finalist! We were 9th in 2010 and 10th in 2008 and we ask that you support us again in what we feel is our most successful year ever by voting for Lambda Wars for Mod of the Year!

Image Image

Also, if you haven’t voted for Lambda Wars on Steam Greenlight yet, we’d love it if you’d do that as well! Everyone here on the Lambda Wars team thanks all of you for showing your support on Greenlight so far!

Just to give a quick overview on our Greenlight statistics so far: after 17 days on Steam Greenlight, Lambda Wars is currently ranked #2 of 1,485 titles with a whopping 17,434 Yes votes and 1,249 followers. We never imagined the response would be so positive and we appreciate the wonderful support that all of you out there in the community have given us both during our Steam Greenlight campaign and throughout the six years of development on Half-Life 2: Wars and now Lambda Wars. Here's a more detailed look:


As always, you can give us feedback, suggestions and bug reports on our community discussion forums. Your support, feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us as we work to improve the mod’s gameplay, interface and graphics.

Tomorrow we will be officially releasing Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.1 featuring difficulty levels for CPU opponents, new maps hlw_aurora and hlw_slumdolls and several important bugfixes and changes, although you can already download the 2.3.1 build if you can't wait.

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