Lambda Wars Update

January 2, 2016 by Sandern forum comments »

We released a small update with the following changes:
  • Spectators now see the winners/losers dialog after game ends
  • Better mission image for sp_valley

  • Profile/mute options not showing when clicking the username of a player in global/lobby chat
  • Various memory leaks

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Winter Update

December 27, 2015 by Mr. Darkness forum comments »

Lambda Wars - Winter Update

The snow has hit the lands of Lambda Wars! Brace yourselves as the snowstorms make it hard to see.

New maps were added:
hlw_forest_winter (Visibility: moderate)
hlw_village_winter (Visibility: hard)
hlw_woodland_winter (Visibility: hard)
hlw_slums_winter (Visibility: clear)
hlw_mine_winter (Visibility: hard)

A little bit delayed, but Merry Christmas everyone and upcoming Happy New Year! :)
For you we even changed the Lambda Wars steam icon to look more festive ;).

The full changelog:

  • Maps:
    * Winter versions of hlw_forest, hlw_slums, hlw_village, hlw_mine, hlw_woodland
    * New map hlw_fortress (by Pufulet)
  • Improvements:
    * Abilities can now pick a target unit by left clicking the unit portrait/slot in the hud
    * Add key binding option to cycle throught the active unit type of the ability hud
    * No longer show disconnect/5 minutes reconnect warning message when player disconnects after the game ended
  • Fixed:
    * Fix manhack getting stuck on enemies, not moving back for next attack
    * Fix manhack not attacking correctly at all when being ordered to attack an enemy
  • Misc:
    * Update CEF to version 3.2526.1364.gf6bf57b (Chromium 47)


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Lambda Wars Update

December 19, 2015 by Sandern forum comments »

We released a minor update with the following changes:
  • Global chat broken
  • Strider becoming stuck during executing the Cannon ability when trying to execute another Cannon ability in some cases
  • Sabotage ability not taking energy
  • Captured buildings by Sabotage ability not functioning correctly (Combine energy cell/power generator)

  • hlw_abandoned - spawn scrap markers based on number of players

Known Issues:

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Lambda Wars Update

December 12, 2015 by Sandern forum comments »

We released an update with the following changes:

Gameplay & Balance
  • Scrap power generator decreased from 40 power per minute to ~34
  • Two engineers salvaging increased from ~26 scrap per minute to ~32
  • Increased barrel cost scrap cost from 20 to 30
  • Decreased Rebel AR2 upgrade cost from 15 to 10 scrap.

  • hlw_village, hlw_woodland: Each scrap area spawns 1 scrap marker for every player in game
  • hlw_mine: less scrap markers at start location if there is only player
  • tutorial, sp_valley, sp_radio_tower, sp_waste - Replaced HQ with junkyard.

  • Combine Elite energy ball not hitting the Combine Strider
  • Main menu tutorial button not working (broken in update of 2 December)
  • Improve display of news in ingame main menu
  • Strider Impale and Flinch animations not playing fully

  • Updated Combine Announcer sounds

  • Less strict filtering on map placed static cover, meaning more cover spots are available for soldiers

  • Update CEF to version 3.2526.1358.gd153a2c (Chromium 47)

Known Issues:
  • Strider cannon bugs the strider when he's charging if the player commands him to move somewhere (right-click).
  • Saboteur capturing buildings needs fixing (sometimes buildings will be inactive; also energy cells don't collect power; etc).
  • Online lobbies may be bugged.
  • Developer Mr. Darkness has terrible internet.

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