February Status Report

February 10, 2016 by Mr. Darkness forum comments »

February Status Report

Evening, strategists!

In this report we will discuss a little about what's being worked on and what we hear a lot from players' suggestions.

Content of this report:
-Introduction video
-New Combine structures models
-Talking about player suggestions

Introduction video.

Starting with some more game design, I, Mr. Darkness, the best developer in the world, worked on an introduction video for the game (example of introduction video is Valve logo in their every game). It is something I found lacking in the game as each game needs one. This is why I decided to make something, which is what I accomplished using Source Filmmaker. I made the animations in the first part of the video and then created two textures for 'Vortal Storm" and a logo that would be fit for it. I then made them into particles and made the video using SFM entirely.

Here is the video:

Please leave your feedback in the comment section of the video if you wish to share your opinion.

New Combine structures models.

New candidates for the dev posts arrived! Jackskullcrack and The gentlemen are both working on their new models for Combine. But all we can show you really is the concept art for these new models. It's over a month already as they've been working on these, yet they are almost done!
The structures that are being made: Garrison and Spec Ops. It is something what really looks fit for Combine as they mostly, if not all, are synthetic creatures. The Garrison and Spec Ops both seem fit for this sort of style.

Here is the concept art:

Talking about player suggestions.

For the past two months we've seen many suggestions for the game that could be fit for the game. Those included units, races, game modes and many more, but most of them aren't (yet) fit for the gameplay or the lore of Half-Life 2 universe.

Commonly players suggest H.E.C.U. as a playable race, but that's impossible for two reasons.

The main reason is that HECU (Hazardeous Environment Combat Unit) are marines who were specially trained to deal with unconventional enemies in hazardeous environments. Generally, that's why HECU who are US marines of the times before Combine invasion has no place in the times of Half-Life 2 universe as the government is no longer and Earth under control of Wallace Breen, who in turn is under control of Combine.

The second reason is, basically, consider H.E.C.U. is made and is now a playable race. Drop off the limitations of how much work is required to make the models, the structures, the effects, the sounds and maps. They will also need an enemy to fight. The only enemy are the Xen aliens. Would it be possible to make an enemy race like that which only has Grunts, Vorts, Alien Controllers and Gargantua? Only these four units with the exclusion of Headcrabs, Houndeyes, Bullsquids (which basically are neutrals in this) are what it takes to form a race.

Hero units. Barney, Alyx, Gordon are often suggested for "Hero units", but they wouldn't fit in Multiplayer.

To be honest with you, this is just my point of view.
Hero units is a good idea and is idea I've been thinking through since joining the development. But... what would these heroes do? Barney, for instance, can only wield an AR2. Alyx can wield her Alyxgun and a shotgun which she must of carried in her hands a few times and Gordon, who what, runs around with a crowbar and 8 other weapons? Lets get realistic here.
None of these heroes showed any skill apart from Alyx who can hack into Combine system and networks. She is the only fit hero here, considering if she had around 1k health and could be given a few abilities. But its just about it.

My thoughts on it were different: we add "heroes" in Single Player missions as the VIP characters, that if they die the game is lost. These missions require planning though, as this would greatly fit for campaign, and maybe even MOBA styled play (with just one available unit that is).

Other than that, there are many other suggestions left, some of them are very good, some of them mean nothing but uselessness or wasted work if done (no offense, really, that's just how it would work out). I hope you can understand the reasons.

Last, but not least, we always look through your feedback (but not always answer though, sorry about that), so keep on posting, so don't think that we don't view your posts! :)

Thank you for your attention.

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Lambda Wars Update

January 2, 2016 by Sandern forum comments »

We released a small update with the following changes:
  • Spectators now see the winners/losers dialog after game ends
  • Better mission image for sp_valley

  • Profile/mute options not showing when clicking the username of a player in global/lobby chat
  • Various memory leaks

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Winter Update

December 27, 2015 by Mr. Darkness forum comments »

Lambda Wars - Winter Update

The snow has hit the lands of Lambda Wars! Brace yourselves as the snowstorms make it hard to see.

New maps were added:
hlw_forest_winter (Visibility: moderate)
hlw_village_winter (Visibility: hard)
hlw_woodland_winter (Visibility: hard)
hlw_slums_winter (Visibility: clear)
hlw_mine_winter (Visibility: hard)

A little bit delayed, but Merry Christmas everyone and upcoming Happy New Year! :)
For you we even changed the Lambda Wars steam icon to look more festive ;).

The full changelog:

  • Maps:
    * Winter versions of hlw_forest, hlw_slums, hlw_village, hlw_mine, hlw_woodland
    * New map hlw_fortress (by Pufulet)
  • Improvements:
    * Abilities can now pick a target unit by left clicking the unit portrait/slot in the hud
    * Add key binding option to cycle throught the active unit type of the ability hud
    * No longer show disconnect/5 minutes reconnect warning message when player disconnects after the game ended
  • Fixed:
    * Fix manhack getting stuck on enemies, not moving back for next attack
    * Fix manhack not attacking correctly at all when being ordered to attack an enemy
  • Misc:
    * Update CEF to version 3.2526.1364.gf6bf57b (Chromium 47)


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Lambda Wars Update

December 19, 2015 by Sandern forum comments »

We released a minor update with the following changes:
  • Global chat broken
  • Strider becoming stuck during executing the Cannon ability when trying to execute another Cannon ability in some cases
  • Sabotage ability not taking energy
  • Captured buildings by Sabotage ability not functioning correctly (Combine energy cell/power generator)

  • hlw_abandoned - spawn scrap markers based on number of players

Known Issues:

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