Losers Bracket - Forced schedule! Reworked rules

November 6, 2015 by Mr. Darkness2 forum comments »

Hello once again.

It took 1 month to get 2 games finally finished before we got to Losers bracket, this is why we no longer let players choose their schedule but consult it with Mr. Darkness. I'll make it myself.

Winners of Day 2 Leaders Bracket:

Once the new update rolls out, we begin with Losers bracket, a rushed schedule aimed at finishing Losers Bracket as soon as possible. Players won't have a second chance to continue into the tournament. Those who don't come are disqualified, those who lose in the end will lose their participant padge.

As you may have noticed, players with participant badge were only those in Leaders Bracket, we will add those to losers now as well. This badge is temporary and will be removed once the player is disqualified, loses or leaves the tournament.

The update is to be expected rather big (its above 130 MB by now). Changelog is not available at the moment.

The following matchups will be made: (Columns explained below)

Column 1:
AlphaEcho vs WassySK => [Column 2]
Projinx vs Chiffer => [Column 2]
Viral vs Vlidmir Putan => [Column 2]
Raptastic vs oHAKu => [Column 2]
Shapeshifters vs Papparizza => [Column 2]

Column 2:
Winner vs A Misunderstood Canadian
Winner vs Handsome Jack
Winner vs Phantom_Bator
Winner vs Stronglime

In Column 1 you have 5 loser bracket players who will be matched vs those who lost in Day 1 Leaders bracket.
In Column 2 you have 4 more contenders who lost in Leaders bracket. Winners of Column 1 will be randomly assigned to those of Column 2. One matchup of 2 winners in Column 1 will be made to match against Column 2 players.
For example, if Raptastic wins and Shapeshifters wins, they might be matched to play vs eachother to further be matched vs a Column 2 contender.

All the games are best out of 2.

Play times will be updated in this thread, an announcement will be made once that is done. It will be done as soon as the date for the game update is known.

If you have any questions, please post here!

P.S: Yes, the update will turn everything around.
P.S 2: Please, before going into the game add your oponents to friend list and discuss the game to make sure you're both ready for your match.

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Leaders Bracket - Day 2, October 11th

October 9, 2015 by Mr. Darkness3 forum comments »

Hello contenders and followers!

11th of October will anounce the Day 2 for the Leaders bracket stage, leading to Day 3 for the finals!

There are players who have still not played during Day 1:

The players highlighted with blank text are those who will auto-win their stage if their opponents don't come before the end of October 11th! The losers in will move to losers bracket.

Group 1: Handsome Jack (Can't come, moved to Losers bracket) vs Phantom_Bator
Group 2: Stronglime vs That Misunderstood Canadian - went snooze when he had to play.

The brackets as follows:

Phantom_Bator vs STIKLS => [Day 3] vs AnubiS
Stronglime vs $wicher => [Day 3] vs Мусака

The Day 3 will be leading to finals. Day 3 will arrive when the Loser Bracket players have all played their games. Also, Day 3 will have schedules set manually by the organizators and not allow selection of proper time by the players. Day 3 also has best out of 3 instead of best out of 2 to proceed to finals.

Stay tuned!
If you have any questions or reschedule requests regarding this schedule, please contact me or post here on forums. The brackets were generated with http://www.challonge.com/
-Mr. Darkness.

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Lambda Wars Update

September 28, 2015 by Sandern0 forum comments »

We released an update with the following changes:

  • Blocked ground units, besides Strider, from going up and down cliffs.
  • Added custom cover points.
  • Replaced neutral billets with destructible barricades.

Networking improvements
  • Strongly reduced sending number of reliable messages when a player connects to the server, causing a "overflowed reliable channel" error when reconnecting mid game
  • Small reduction of number of reliable messages sent during the game itself

  • Rebel Engineer and Combine Metro police stuck in constructing/t-pose animation respectively in some cases
  • Rare case where a player would connect too early from lobby to a dedicated server, causing a "Server is shutting down" error message
  • Rebel Engineer salvaging scrap not doing anything/broken after the last nearby scrap marker depleted

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Lambda Wars Update

September 20, 2015 by Sandern1 forum comments »

We released a small patch to fix two issues and add a new option to reserve a private dedicated server from the lobby:
  • Dedicated servers can now set a password through the convar wars_gameserver_password. Players can set the password in the lobby, reserving the server for the player.

  • Potential crash in unit path finding on certain maps (or_trapped and in particular or_washedaway/hlw_washedaway)
  • Fixed broken animations which could occur for some units

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Lambda Wars Update

September 7, 2015 by Sandern0 forum comments »

We released a minor update with the following changes:
  • Rebel Mountable turret not shooting enemies
  • Rebel Engineer constructing animation not always starting

  • sv_allowupload and sv_allowdownload are now disabled by default
  • Removed non-functional "customize combat music" from audio options.
    If you want to customize the play list, you can create a file lambdawars/scripts/default_playlist.txt with one track per line.
  • Updated Russian Translations

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