About Lambda Wars


Lambda Wars is a free multiplayer Source Engine modification based on Alien Swarm engine and set in the Half-Life 2 universe that brings the war between mankind and their brutal Combine overlords to a traditional real-time strategy (RTS) setting. Lead the uprising as a commander of the Resistance or crush the rebellion as an overlord of the Combine, with both factions featuring a full host of units, abilities, buildings, research and defenses. Lambda Wars features full-fledged RTS gameplay and a robust RTS interface and is focused on multiplayer but strategic AI opponents and dedicated singleplayer missions are also included.

  • Classic real-time strategy (RTS) gameplay in the Half-Life 2 world
  • Multiplayer support and game lobby including spectator mode
  • Wide variety of maps for up to 8 human or AI players
  • Play as either Combine or Resistance
  • Full unit tech tree that allows you to command everything from Manhacks to Striders
  • Full-fledged RTS interface and HUD with everything from minimap and fog of war to unit and production building groups
  • Build production and research facilities to requisition better units and unlock abilities and upgrades
  • Defensive structures, turrets and mines help defend your headquarters and vital resource points
  • Multiple game modes
  • Singleplayer missions, tutorial map and offline AI skirmish mode

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NL Sandern
Programming, Level Design

Level Design

DE ProgSys
Models, Level Design, Interface

RU HevCrab
Gameplay/balancing, Localization

RU Mr. Darkness
Level Design, various


  • Ennui - Website, Interface
  • Pandango - Level Design
  • Sbeast64 - Music/Sounds
  • Kriz - Menu Music
  • Jake - TNT Model
  • Anti Viper - Level Design
  • BiotecVirus - Textures and Trailers
  • Garrador - HUD Design and Textures
  • Jister - Beta 0.5 Building Models
  • Steve - 2007 to ASW Model Conversion
  • Lt_Commander - Textures
  • ChromeAngel - Various building models
  • Nqss[RUS] - Level Design
  • Sergeant Toni - Various sounds
  • Ninja_Nub - Skins, various

Did you contribute something and are you missing in the list? Please let us know!


  • Senor Ernst - Spanish Translation
  • Progsys - German Translation
  • HEVcrab - Russian Translation
  • Phantom_Bator - Russian Translation
  • Meat Hoxton - Romanian Translation
  • rui_troia - Portuguese Translation
  • ???_KOR] Plan - Korean Translation
  • Bill Steelman - French Translation


  • Dave
  • Sergeant Toni
  • Discrate
  • Fromagon
  • HellSpawn
  • pychnight
  • Hevcrab
  • Omi
  • Warbrand
  • Masked Death
  • Syn
  • Leadcold
  • LpSilent
  • Tank Dempsey
  • Quadtrike
  • Nakashimakun
  • [P]etya
  • Gauss5546


If you are interested in contributing to Lambda Wars - maps, models, textures, sounds, music, etc - please post on our community forum with examples of previous work.